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Plumber or Electrician: Who to Call for Water Heater Repairs and Installation

Water Heater Repair

To answer the age-old homeowner question, should you call a plumber or electrician for hot water heater repairs or installations, the answer largely depends on the type of issue you’re facing. For problems concerning electrical components and wiring in electric water heaters, an electrician is your best bet. For water leaks, gas leaks, or venting issues in gas water heaters, a plumber is the go-to professional. If you’re in Edwardsville, IL and need specialized water heater repair services, consider reaching out to Rooter-Man Plumbers. They have been offering reliable and affordable plumbing solutions for over 40 years.

To simplify the decision for you, we’ll compare the expertise of both plumbers and electricians in this blog:

Understanding Their Roles: Plumber Vs Electrician

Before diving deeper into water heater repairs, let’s first gain an understanding of their basic roles:

Plumbers: Plumbers specialize in the installation and repair of pipes and fixtures as well as drainage, water supply, and sewage systems.

Electricians: Electricians specialize in electrical systems. They install, maintain and repair any necessary wiring as well as equipment used in this sector.

Now, we know the general roles of plumbers and electricians. Next, let’s look at the different water heaters you could have at home.

Water Heater Systems: Breaking It Down 

Broadly speaking, there are two categories of water heaters. 

Electric Water Heaters (ELHs)

Electric Water heaters utilize electricity to heat the water in your home and include electrical components and wiring to connect with your electrical system.

Gas Water Heaters: 

These models use natural or propane gas as the heat source to warm water quickly. They feature a burner, gas line and venting system to maximize performance.

Determining the Right Professional for Water Heaters: Electricians vs. Plumbers

Electric Water Heater Concerns:

Electrical Components and Wiring Issues: If your electric water heater is failing to turn on or the circuit breaker keeps tripping, hiring an electrician may be essential to make sure it operates safely and efficiently. An electrician can inspect and address any wiring problems so your heater remains functional.

Heating Element Replacement: Replacing a heating element might seem straightforward, but without experience with electrical systems, it could end in disaster if done incorrectly or unsafely. For this reason, it may be wise to consult an electrician so the element can be safely installed into place. 

Gas Water Heater Concerns:

Gas Leaks or Burner Issues: If you suspect a gas leak or the burner won’t ignite, calling in a plumber immediately is essential to ensure safety and functionality.

Venting Issues: Likewise, if venting issues arise, it’s vital that an immediate call be placed to an experienced professional plumber as they specialize in these concerns and ensure optimal functioning.

Venting errors are one of the main contributors to carbon monoxide buildup in homes. Plumbers can inspect, install and fix venting systems as a preventative measure – helping keep you and your home safe. 

General Concerns for Both Electric & Gas Water Heaters:

Water Leaks: Regardless of whether your heating system is electric or gas, if water pools around its base or leaks from its tank, call in a plumber as soon as possible to inspect and fix any leaks to ensure an effective system. They’ll ensure any potential problems don’t persist into future heating sessions.

Thermostat Problems: If the water in your house is either too hot or not hot enough, there could be an issue with your thermostat. Depending on what kind of heater you have – electric heaters require electricians, while gas ones typically call for plumbers who are better at fixing thermostat issues.

Installation: To properly install a new unit, both electricians and plumbers may be needed. An electrician will ensure all electrical components are connected appropriately while plumbers will take care of water (and, if applicable) or gas (in case of gas heaters) connections.

Considering Local Expertise: Plumber or Electrician for Hot Water Heater in Edwardsville, IL

Edwardsville, like many towns, boasts a roster of both experienced plumbers and electricians. When seeking a “plumber or electrician for hot water heater Edwardsville IL,” it’s essential to consider the local professionals’ expertise. Reading reviews, asking for recommendations, and checking certifications can guide you to the right professional for your needs in this city.

Summing It Up: Safety and Efficiency First

The decision of whether or not to hire a plumber or electrician for hot water heater problems depends on the nature of the issue itself. As a general guideline: for issues directly pertaining to an electric water heater, consult an electrician instead of calling in a plumber. Plumbers are your go-to experts when it comes to water, gas or gas water heater issues.

When in doubt, safety should always be your top priority. Don’t hesitate to get professional help. If you’re in the Edwardsville, IL area, and require water heater services, call Rooter-Man Plumbers at (618) 692-9350. We offer affordable, & reliable solutions backed by over 40 years of experience.

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